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Jungle Travel Kit

Travelling is for the whole family to enjoy and the travels start when you have left your house. Kids of age 3-6 years need diversity because of shorter attention spans (10-20 minutes). That is why I am sure, these travel packs will help your little ones to enjoy themselves much more during travels … and as we know “A happy kid is a happy Mum” (.. or the other way round?…)

Imagine you sipping Prosecco on the board of the plane and looking through your favourite magazine...With your kid enjoying his or her time!!!

In this pack there is a wide variety of activities to keep your kid stimulated, entertained and help learning:

Maths: Problem solving, sudoku, connect-the-dots activities, understanding the numbers and letters.

Writing and Drawing: Please allow the child to write his/her name on the packaging!

Sense of Achievement: Activities appropriate for this age (3-6 years), offering enough challenge to encourage development, and correct difficulty level to make it possible to succeed.

Includes: Animals Mosaic Art Set, Jungle Sticker Book (Usborne), a Real Spider, a Surprise (just between us, it is a Medal for being such a great kid), Pen 6 colours, Jungle Stickers.

Crafts: Self-Adhesive Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Mini Glue Dots, Self-Adhesive Wiggle-Eyes, Glitter Star Foam Stickers, Lolisticks, Glue Dots.